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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  March 24, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news out of new york city. an amtrak acela express train derailed while leaving penn station this morning. amtrak says it happened while the train was moving at a slow speed. the rear of the train was still next to the platform. all passengers did get off safely. it was due to arrive in philadelphia shortly after 10:00 this morning. this is an aerial view of penn station. train service into and out of the station will be delayed while crews investigate the crash. let's check in our first alert traffic reporter for a look at the affect on our area,
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if there is any. >> the big effect is going to be for new york penn station for mass transit, but new jersey tra transit wants you to know their service is suspended. now the midtown direct is diverted to hoboken. they are cross honoring passengers. if you have to get into new york from philly, you'll have that small detour there as well. you need to find another way to get from the hoboken station to get to new york after that. this is the delaware memorial bridge. the left and right lane are closed. that's until 3:00 p.m. you can see some small delays crossing over into delaware. more construction on the walt whitman bridge. the left lane is closed headed westbound. right now no big delays there, but some pretty big delays on the vine right around 24th street. eastbound really at a crawl.
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you can definitely see some big eastbound delays. looks like there might be some construction with lane restrictions as well. health care bill on life support? it's a scramble on capitol hill as congress is set to vote on the republican health care plan one day after that vote was delayed. that bill remains in jeopardy this morning. a scheduled vote was delayed last night after it seemed there were not enough yes votes, and president trump issued an ultimatum to republicans, vote on the bill or i'm keeping obamacare in place. the members are set to vote sometime this afternoon on the republican plan to replace obamacare, which is known as the affordable care act. the republican bill is called the american health care act. jay gray is tracking all the developments on capitol hill. jay? >> reporter: yeah, katy. there are plenty of those. you are absolutely right. time running out for the debate and deal making here.
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this afternoon lawmakers may be between 4:00 and 5:00, though that can change, will get to a vote here we're told with the white house saying win or lose, it's time to move on. high tension as the health care debate rages on. >> do you not see how that affects medicaid? >> okay. i'm going to try to bring the tone down here just a little bit. >> i'm mad as hell about what you all are doing. i don't have to be nice to nobody when you're being nasty to poor people. >> reporter: republicans scrambling for support when enough are leaning no, enough to kill the measure just hours ahead of the vote. the gop opposition led by members of the conservative freedom caucus, blas tweet after he delivered an ultimatu ultimatum. if the measure fails, he'll walk
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away leaving obamacare in place. >> he's tired of folks coming up th and nitpicking the bill as it is. >> reporter: while democrats are counting the votes and watching the bill, they say the health care debate may provide an important lesson. the art of the deal is different in washington. >> rookie's error. >> reporter: in the final hours, negotiations continue inside the capital with the vote expected to go down to the wire. okay. so let's lay out where we stand right now. the measure did pass out of the rules committee this morning. it now moves to the full house where it will see at least four hours of debate. some expect it to go much longer than that. democrats have hinted they may delay things here. the vote is expected to eventually come sometime this evening or tonight. katy, we'll keep watching. back to you. >> thank you, jay. some people in pennsylvania gathered this morning to hear from one of their u.s. senators and learn more about the possible impact of the
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republican health care plan. pamela osborne is live in bucks county where senator bob casey met with constituents. pam, what were some of the concerns that were voiced this morning? >> reporter: these were parents with children who have special needs. and what we kept hearing over and over again inside of that room was the milestones that these kids have been able to make with the support of medical access and the bucks county intermediate unit. their children are talking for those who are nonverbal. there's technology that's available that will help them communicate, and it is all covered under medical access, a medicaid supported program, but that could change. they're sitting down as lawmakers in washington prepare to vote on the repeal and replacement of the affordable care act.
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the families at today's meeting say what they have now is working for them. senator casey told me he hopes the vote is unsuccessful, adding this would have terrible consequences for the more than 1 million children in the state who rely on medicaid. >> there are a lot of things we could fix about the patient protection in the affordable care act, but what we don't want to do is be attacking the provisions that are working. over 150 million americans have better health care because of that bill. more than 20 million got coverage. >> reporter: republicans who were in support of the plan said it would give people more options, the opportunity to get the services they need, pay for those but not what they don't. when i come back at 11:30, you'll hear from one of those parents and why she's concerned about what would happen if she had to buy private insurance for her son. reporting live now in bucks county, i'm pamela osborne.
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nbc10 news. stay with nbc10 news throughout the day for updates on the health care vote. you can get the latest details on air, online, and on the tnbc0 app. it's 11:07 this friday and parts of our area are seeing showers right now. here's a live look at conditions happening right now in center city, philadelphia. let's check in with bill henley. >> they're not seeing any snow in the camelback area. there were some snowflakes, but it's a mixed precipitation. the flags that are blowing in that wind, that's a strong southerly wind. the warm air is reaching into the mountains. easton just some rain drops and clouds overhead. they'll be gone this afternoon. the precipitation making some progress. that's rain now in chester county, moving through berks county into upper montgomery and bucks county. delaware county seeing a few sprinkles.
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there's not a lot of rain here. it moves through this morning. it's keeping our temperatures in the 40s right now. we'll get a few showers moving through the lehigh valley, new philadelphia. then with afternoon sunshine breaking through look at the temperatures later today. 58 degrees in delaware and up to 57 in philadeulpiaay need your once again. i've got the weekend forecast just ahead. we are following a developing story in burlington county this morning. sources tell nbc10 that two people were found dead inside an apartment in maple shade, and the victims are from the same family. police have been at meadow complex since around 9:00 last night. a spokesperson with the prosecutor's office will only say this is a death investigation and they'll release more information throughout the day. cydney update on this investigation coming up at 11:30.
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also in south jersey, authorities in gloucester county what the prosecutor there is calling a suspected homicide in clayton. police checked out a report of shots fire and found a man dead in his home. two other adults and two children were in the home at the time. the medical examiner is working to figure out how the victim died. philadelphia police continue to investigate the suspicious death of a toddler in the city's west oak lane neighborhood. officers were called to the hammond garden apartments on north 15th street wednesday night. we spoke to a man who says he tipped off police after a woman who lived in the apartment told him about the dead child. the boy was between 3 and 5 years old. they consider his death suspicious and say an autopsy will determine how he died. now to a fire investigation in delaware county. sky force 10 flew over the scene in aston earlier this morning.
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the fire department says people were trapped in the home and had to be rescued. the department shared this picture on social media. from it, you can see flames just shooting from the front of the house. police say a suspect is in critical condition after a shooting in philadelphia. authorities tell us two men were inside an apartment on hagerman street when another man knocked on the door and pulled out a gun. one of the men inside, police say, also had a gun and shot the armed man outside in the face. police are still trying to figure out what's behind that violence. happening today, prosecutors will request a retrial for philadelphia monsignor william lynn. he helped the arch diseaocese transfer problem priests. he served nearly three years in prison before he was released last august after the state supreme court tossed out his conviction. and an appeal hearing is scheduled today in central
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pennsylvania for former penn state ger jerry sandusky. sandusky is serving a 30 to 60-year prison sentence for sexually abusing ten boys. the man accusesndling compl sandusky is waitin t fate this morning. jurors will resume deliberations this morning in the trial of graham spanier. in chester county now, lawyers will focus on choosing six alternate jurors in the eric frein murder trial. they have seated the 12 main jurors that will hear the case in pike county next month. he is accused opening fire outside police barracks in 2013 killing one state trooper and injuring another. we're following new developments on wednesday's
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deadly terror attack in london. as police make more arrests, we're learning new details about the victims and the survivors. and the russia connection. we just received new information about president trump's former campaign chair and what he might say about allegations about his relationship with russia.
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former trump campaign chair paul manafort has volunteered to be interviewed by the house intelligence committee. a lawyer for manafort contacted
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the committee yesterday. they're working with the attorney to figure out if the interview will be open to the public. manafort reportedly did work years ago for an aide to russian leader vladimir putin. the intelligence committee is investigating possible links between the trump campaign and the russian government. >> we have people that continue to come forward to provide us with information, and we want that to continue. >> nunez says the committee will ask the fbi director and nsa director to appear before them to brief them on their investigation into the russian matter. now to decision 2017. all candidates for philadelphia district attorney believe current district attorney seth williams step down. >> should seth williams resign? >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> they debated last night. there the eight candidates agreed there should be a ban on
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gifts for the da. we spoke to some city residents about what they're looking for in a new district attorney. >> i think we need people with integrity, but also a perspective for all philadelphia. >> do you think there's a trust gap between -- >> oh, yeah, and it's very similar to what's going on in washington. >> the debate also touched on policy changes regarding the opioid epidemic, gun violence, marijuana use, and philadelphia's status as a sanctuary city. seth williams has said he will stay in office until his term runs out in january of next year, but pressure is mounting for him to step down after his indictment on federal bribery and extortion charges. williams pleaded not guilty to those charges earlier this week. looking at gray skies this morning. we saw some sunshine to start with, but it is mostly cloudy in philadelphia. don't be surprised if you're in
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center city and you see a few sprinkles this morn and early this afternoon it's possible, but we're also seeing a nice warmup in spite of all those clouds. and it's coming thanks to that strong southerly wind that's developed. that's a change from yesterday. a 16 mile-an-hour wind right now. we're getting gusts of more than 20 miles an hour. that's really boosted our temperatures from below freezing in many neighborhoods -- in it was in the 20s in the lehigh valley, and the temperatures have already moved up. 42 degrees in the lehigh valley, so it is just rain falling there. delaware mostly cloudy skies. we're seeing some breaks of sunshine through the clouds in south jersey. it's already warmer than it was yesterday afternoon in some neighborhoods. lumberton and florence at 47 degrees. we are tracking some showers just in the last hour. this is the motion over the last hour. you can see those showers are starting to fizzle out, so we do have some rain in the suburbs and into the lehigh valley
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farther to the north. that's where you'll find a wintry mix, but it is only going to be rain for us. this afternoon we'll be drying out. we'll get some sunshine. that's when the temperatures will really bump up. just a few sprinkles in limer k limerick. you see the rain showers in the lehigh valley for allentown too. there's a good chance the rain showers will skip past delaware all together. maybe see a sprinkle in extreme northern new castle county, newark, but they're really falling apart as it moves towards delaware. sunshine this afternoon. that's when the temperatures warm up for philadelphia. 55 degrees. look how mild it stays this evening. 53 degrees. that mild evening is going to set us up for an even warmer day tomorrow. we'll be drying out this afternoon. you'll see sunshine breakthrough the clouds in the lehigh valley. those showers coming to an end this morning. delaware, mostly cloudy. that's at 1:00 this afternoon.
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56 degrees at 5:00. 50s this evening. 50s in new jersey. most of new jersey is going to stay dry. it will stay dry at the jersey shore with sunshine taking over later this afternoon. the warmup, that stays with us right on into tomorrow. 70 the high temperature, but look what happens on sunday. the numbers crash. that's going to come with some wet weather for the second half of the weekend. those showers will move in for sunday and with northeasterly winds it's going to stay a good deal chillier. look at the ten-day on 10 when i come back in the next half hour. president trump is calling it a great day for american jobs. the decision today that clears the way for an $8 billion project to be completed. that's coming up.
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the movement to grow your own food is growing, and tomorrow an event filled with food, fun, and live music will help people connect with
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resources that do just that, grow healthy local food. it's called the social harvest festival. here to tell us more, david, waxstaff, who is the founder of all freeia, and you're here with the urban farm and learning garden manager. a mouthful, but basic when you get down to it, right guys? >> yes. >> tell us since you waved graciously. >> the social harvest festival is our opportunity to introduce ourselves to the larger philadelphia markets. we're having two events tomorrow. one from noon to 3:00 right here at 21st and chestnut at the philadelphia first unitarian church. >> you got it. you nailed it. >> that one will be from 6:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m., but the formats are very similar. it is a chance for people who are less familiar with the food economy, why it's important, to
11:24 am
get a little bit educated about the fact that anyone can get involved in any level or capacity, and it's a chance to learn about all freeia and how this online platform is making it easier for folks to get involved in the food economy. >> talk a little bit about the online platform. >> sure. the online platform connects people with land to grow their own food and it connects those people with those resources that they might want to grow. >> people might say this is great. i would love to do it. i just don't know how to get started. are you finding that's an obstacle with a lot of people? >> absolutely. 80% of people say they would be interested in growi inin ining of their own food, but they're intimidated by it. what do you do by that? we connect people to resources to grow their own food, someone who can help them, help them amend their soil.
11:25 am
>> david, why do you think there's this growing trend and popularity to grow your own food? >> it's really interesting. 42 million americans are growing some part of their own food today. community garden usage is up over 500% in the last six years. community gardens are sold out all over the place. we found this this area we surveyed 60% are sold out during the growing season. >> we were talking just how important it is to those who are food insecure, right? you have this divide between people who think it's really healthy and popular and they want to be in charge of where they food comes from, but it is also important and it's an easy way to supply food for the insecure. >> the >> over the last decade, there's been a lot of push to provide a supply of healthy, fresh food.
11:26 am
the problem has been there's a lack of demand because of education, engaging in understanding produce and how to prepare it and cook it. so what's so exciting about growing your local food is that you're getting more familiar with a broader range of healthy foods you may not have even noticed at the grocery store. >> right. >> you're tasting and smelling, so it is improving the behavior and outcomes of food deserts and strengthening the community at the same time. it literally is a community that's supported by the universal language of food. and we're seeing that with our advisers and volunteers who want to get behind this movement. it's definitely growing fast. >> thanks for introducing us. for the event tomorrow, i think you sold it well. >> thank you so much. >> here's a recoap. the social harvest festival is happening tomorrow from noon to 3:00 in center city.
11:27 am
for more information, just head to our website,, or check out the nbc10 app. it's the big vote. house republicans and president trump are in a stare down over the health care overall. the gamble with monumental political stakes. after two trains, one heading to philadelphia, clipped each other during the morning rush.
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i'm on does weathertech go to protect your vehicle? ♪ ♪
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♪ weathertech. made right, in america we continue to follow breaking news out of new york city. an amtrak acela express train heading for philadelphia derailed while slowly pulling
11:31 am
out of penn station. passengers say the amtrak train clipped a new jersey transit train. the rear of the train was still next to the platform and all 248 passengers did get off safely. the minor accident is leading to major delays though. the train had been due to arrive in philadelphia shortly after 10:00 this morning. of course that did not happen. right now, we're taking an aerial shot. this is of penn station. new jersey transit service into and out of the station is delayed while crews investigate the crash. some trains are reportedly backed up into new jersey because of this. president trump's ultimatum. we continue to follow the vote today that could impact your health care for years to come. this is a live look at the house floor where a vote is expected to take place later this afternoon. a scheduled vote last night was delayed. that's because it appeared there were not enough yes votes on the republican plan to replace the affordable care act better known as obamacare. president trump is warning republicans if they don't pass his plan, he'll leave obamacare
11:32 am
in place. in pennsylvania, concerned citizens gathered in bucks co t county to talk to one of their u.s. senators to talk about the future of health care and how the proposed plan could affect them. pamela osborne is live in bucks county with more. >> reporter: katy, senator bob casey says lawmakers on capitol hill need to get serious about health care and not dismantling medicaid. families raising children with special needs talked directly to the senator and what they kept saying were milestones. they were talking about these milestones the children have been able to reach with the support of medical access and the bucks county intermediate unit. their children are talking for those who are nonverbal. there's technology that will help them communicate, and it's all covered under medical access, a medicaid supported program, but that could change. their sit-down happening as
11:33 am
lawmakers vote on the repeal of the affordable care act. the bucks stands to lose more than $3 million. the families at today's meeting say what they have now works. senator casey told me he hoped the vote is unsuccessful. >> we've got in this state just, for example, 1.1 pennsylvania children benefit from medicaid, quality health care for kids, and especially children that we'll meet today that have disabilities. >> i'm really hoping we don't have to face that. it's going to change, and we'll have to go with a private insurance for us. right now we have been so lucky with everything we've been getting from our medical insurance because he's been on medicare since he was 3 months old. >> reporter: that mother tells
11:34 am
me she's very concerned about what sorts of services her child would be able to have if he was on private insurance. people for the new health care bill say it would give people the opportunity to be more flexible, to pick the type of coverage that they need, and pay for what they need and not what they don't. a lot of people obviously watching this very closely. we'll keep you updated. i'm pamela osborne. nbc10 news. >> stay with nbc10 news throughout the day for updates on the health care vote. you can get the latest details on air, online, and on the nbc10 app. well, it's cold enough outside for snow in some parts. we're talking about in the poconos. here's a live look at camelback resort where i don't believe it is snowing. looks like some rain up there with some water on the lens, but this is the same system that is bringing rain closer to philadelphia. bill henley is here with more details. >> a bit of a wintry mix in the
11:35 am
pocono mountains. we did see some snowflakes, but now it is mixing in. you see clouds over absecon. well into the 40s into the absecon. cloudy skies. the rain is skipping past wilmington this morning. you can see some breaks in the clouds. the clouds will really thin out this afternoon. that's when we'll get some sunshine. the spring city area just some very light precipitation moving in. pottstown is getting a light rain shower. there's nothing heavy about that. in fact, we're starting to see it fall apart. this is why i left showers out of the forecast for delaware. you can see it is really thinning out as it moves to the east. it is likely going to stay dry in new jersey as well. temperatures warming up. this was why it was never an issue slipping and sliding this morning. just some rain drops in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. 42 degrees in the lehigh valley.
11:36 am
45 degrees at 5:00. later this afternoon sunshine will come through in easton. the rest of the area will get some sunshine. we'll warm from the 40s into the 50s this afternoon and even warmer for this weekend. the shore we'll sill see low 50 afternoon. closer to 60 degrees at the shore tomorrow, but much of the area will be at 70 tomorrow afternoon. it does not last. i have the ten-day on 10 when i come back. we are following a developing story out of south jersey. a mother and son killed inside their apartment in maple shade. police have been on the scene since last night around 9:00. cydney long is there. you just got some new information. what a difficult case. what can you share with us? >> reporter: we just found out from the prosecutor's office as well as maple shade police -- as you know they've been out here working this crime scene investigation for about 12 hours now, but we have just learned the names and the ages, so the
11:37 am
identity of the two victims. sadly, a 38-year-old mother and her 6-year-old little boy were killed inside of this first floor apartment at some point late in the day yesterday. we have learned that they were stabbed to death and no one is in custody. you can see the crime scene investigators have a mobile command unit set up just outside the apartment to allow for those investigators to bring that evidence back and forth. daylight on their side now which was not the case overnight. that's when news crews witnessed police using flashlights to peek into the dumpsters here on the apartment complex property. they've been gathering evidence from inside the apartment as well. investigators say it was the husband and father who discovered the bodies and called police about 9:00 last night. it is not clear if a weapon has been recovered at this point or any signs of forced entry. neighbors meantime are nervous for their own safety, and they're heartbroken that a young child and mother have lost their
11:38 am
life. >> i'm horrified. you don't expect this right outside your front door. then you hear of a child being involved. that's horrible. >> reporter: and the mother has. she is 38 years old. her little boy was 6. there's a school on the propert. you can see the apartment still roped off with crime tape and a police officer holding the scene. the question is right now was this possibly an intruder who entered that first floor property last night or someone perhaps that this family knows. we don't know the answer to that question. we are asking authorities. we'll certainly bring you up to date just as soon as we know. we're live in maple shape, burlington county. i'm cydney long. a member of the philadelphia police force turned himself in
11:39 am
this morning to face animal cruelty charges. officer michael long dumped his dog in a trash bag at a local park. the pitbull mix named cranberry was found starving in a garbage bag in november. cranberry is expected to make a full recovery. the police commissioner suspended michael long for 30 days with intent to dismiss him from the force. u.k. police are combing through massive amounts of computer data searching for clues about a deadly attack on parliament. we have now learned the killer was a muslim convert. he had been jailed for violence in the past, but not for terrorism. police searched his home and raided others making two more arrests overnight. more than 30 people who were injured are still in the hospital. a fourth person has died. that person died yesterday. westminster bridge and parliament have reopened, but london is still on high alert. this morning the trump
11:40 am
administration approved the construction of the keystone xl pipeline. this reverses a decision made by the obama administration days after taking office. the president signed an executive order to revive construction. he says the pipeline will create jobs and serve the nation's energy interests. >> it's going to be an incredible pipeline, greatest technology known to man or woman, and frankly we're very proud of it. >> once completed, the pipeline will carry oil from canada into the u.s. from montana and ending at refineries on the texas gulf coast. 4,000 jobs are expected to be created over two years. tonight you can participate in a celebration 35 years in the making. the philadelphia gay men's chorus will mark its 35th anniversary with a concert. their show is tonight and tomorrow at the prince theater
11:41 am
on chestnut street. the chorus is made up of all volunteers and they have a mission. >> our actual missioner is to foster acceptance through exceptional musical performance. it's about sharing the message of hope and tolerance and acceptance. >> the concert will pay tribute to a variety of philadelphia artists. nbc10 viewers can get a $10 discount. use the code nbc10 when you order your tickets. it'lassic the entire family can enjoy. ♪ getting to know you getting to feel free and easy ♪ >> up next, we'll get to know some of the stars of "the king and i" academy of music. we're going to see some sunshine before the day is done. right now looking at cloudy skies in hockessin, delaware.
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♪ ♪
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dave this fios party is da bomb! fo shizzle! it's tv totally ahead of its time. yo, let me check that. oh snap. that x1 voice remote is crunk! and it lets me search with the sound of my voice. what should i watch? things have come a long way since you got fios. [nervously laughs] what's fios? fios has fallen behind. don't fall with it. xfinity x1 will change the way you experience tv. welcome back. the top music, beauty, fashion and lifestyle experts will gather tomorrow for the be beautiful expo at the pennsylvania convention center. nbc10 is thrilled to be part of all of the fun. joining me now is karen vaughn, the operations manager for radio one in philadelphia. >> you look beautiful today.
11:45 am
>> thank you so much, as do you. tell me what the event is. >> it's a full day for the entire family when it comes to beauty, fashion, motivation, inspiration. be beautiful is definitely that. we have workshops like turn your side household into your main household for those who have small businesses who are still working 9:00 to 5:00. performances from philly's own vivian green. we have a little bit for everyone. >> we have some great pictures we're flashing up on the screen. it looks like a fun event. this is the third year doing it. >> third year doing it. >> $15 to get in which is nothing considering all that. >> from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., you'll be walk in and able to shop and meet and greet with new people. enjoy the beauty cave, beauty
11:46 am
lounge, and take in a full day of motivation and top it off with entertainment. >> this is an event geared toward women of color. >> the entire family. we have a kid zone as well. tickets are $15, but right now i'm going to let you in on a little secret. $5 off each ticket when you purchase four more tickets. >> not bad. why is the focus on women of color? do you think that's a group that's been overlooked by the fashion industry? >> i wouldn't necessarily say overlook overlooked. i would just say the anchor of the family. pour into women of color and give them a day specifically for them to come out and have a great time. you can bring the family so you don't have to worry about the kids. >> or you can leave them at home. motivation along the way. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> the third annual be beautiful expo is happening tomorrow from 10:00 to 7:00 p.m. in hall d of
11:47 am
the pennsylvania convention center. that's in center city, philadelphia. you can meet erika martin and andrea thomas. for more information, go to our website or check out the nbc10 app. we're watching the clouds move through the area. this is the view from easton. we're seeing some rain showers in easton. those rain showers not going to last much longer. in fact they're already showing signs of drying out. we'll get some sunshine after a few sprinkles in philadelphia. 57 degrees this afternoon. the showers moving through the suburbs this morning, they'll be done this afternoon and you'll see some breaks of sunshine in lansdale and doylestown. the lehigh valley, allentown, and easton, yes, a few rain showers this morning, but this
11:48 am
afternoon it will clear up. we'll get some sunshine later on today. no showers for trenton and voorhees. sunshine will warm into the upper 50s this afternoon. the shore, thin clouds for ocean city. 53 the high temperature this afternoon. wilmington stays dry along with smyrna and rehoboth beach. we're going to go beyond that for tomorrow. the temperatures will stay mild overnight. still plenty of clouds, but look at those showers just falling apart right now. the last of the showers moving through the lehigh valley in berks county. we'll be drying out this afternoon. you can ditch the umbrella. we'll get that sunshine for the warmup today. farther to the west, you can see some wet weather. that is going to be affecting us this weekend rolling right back into the area for saturday afternoon. i'll show to you hour by hour.
11:49 am
this is 2:00 this afternoon. look at the clouds breaking. the showers are out of here, then we see sunshine. 4:00 temperatures into the 50s today. even though it will be cooling down a bit this evening, once the sun is down, it is really not going to get cold. we'll see clouds moving through. no sign of any wet weather overnight tonight. tomorrow morning a mild start. 8:00 in the morning 53 degrees. it's tomorrow afternoon that could see some showers in the area. 57 in the day. tomorrow mostly cloudy, but it will be warmer. a chance of some rain drops on sunday, but it's the wind that's going to shift that really keeps us cooler on sunday. warming for monday and tuesday. still some showers, then a couple dry days wednesday and thursday before another round of showers comes in next friday, saturday, finally drying out next sunday. ♪ whenever i feel afraid i hold my head erect and whistle a
11:50 am
happy tune so no one will suspect ♪ well, it's time to whistle a happy tune because one of rodger's and hammerstein's works is now in philadelphia. joining me now is the king of production in the academy of music and the actress who plays the first wife of the king. the music is just household music. >> yes, it is. that's the best about what we see when audiences come and families come. it's a grandmother's favorite show. then we see the kids see it. they can have that family experience. it's kind of great. >> this is coming full circle for you, jose. >> i made my broadway debut playing a young lover 20 years ago, and now getting to play the king and travel the country with
11:51 am
it is beautiful. >> still looks the same. >> what is it like to bringing the show to cities outside of new york? >> it's beautiful, but also a different production the way it has been done many times in the past. i won't say too much, but it's completely -- >> what can you tease about it? >> he's taken a fresh take on the grandeur of the show. i think if you have never seen "the king and i," this is the king to see. >> it crosses generations. >> very much so. >> you can go with your grandmother. >> she'll know the music. exactly and it's beautiful ak academy music. >> it's gorgeous. >> stunning. >> it's stunning. can we talk about the music? joan, what's your favorite?
11:52 am
>> well, of course i like "something wonderful." also "getting to know you" because i love the children, but because i always say this it embraces the uniqueness of everybody. all kids are different. we're all different. someone is shy. someone likes to read books. someone likes fan dancing. we're all different and we need to embrace it. >> what about you, jose? >> mine is definitely the polka, "shall we dance." to see people coming together and finding common ground, two different countries coming together and dancing together is a symbol for what the world can be. if people bring their kids to see that and they take that away from it, then we've done our job. >> thank you so much. >> absolutely. >> you can catch performances of "the king and i" now through april 2nd at the academy of music. for more information, go to
11:53 am or check out information on the nbc10 app. we'll be right back. it's time, america. there's work to be done. it's not going to be easy but there's grit inside of you. and if you need extra motivation the grad fund at strayer university
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coming up this afternoon beginning at 3:00, actress and comedian melissa mccarthy stops by the "ellen show" and talks about impersonating sean spicer.
11:56 am
this afternoon, a warning for renters. a man tells nbc10 responds he lost hundreds of dollars when looking for an apartment online. the red flags you need to avoid if you're in the market to rent. and now an update on our top story. the health care vote ultimatum in washington. let's take another live look at the floor of the u.s. house of representatives. lawmakers are moving closer to a pivotal vote late this afternoon on the gop plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act better known as obamacare. the vote was postponed yesterday when it seemed there were not enough votes for passage. president trump tells republicans pass the bill or he'll keep obamacare in place. stay with nbc10 news throughout the day for updates on the hillary clinton -- health care vote. just a few minutes before noon, kind of a mixed bag. >> lots of clouds, a few showers this morning, but we'll get that sunshine this afternoon. 57 degrees in philadelphia
11:57 am
today. tomorrow partly sunny. then chillier with some rain on sunday. >> thanks for watching. for bill and everyone, have a great day. careful joe, they've got you outnumbered.
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>> sonny: hi, i'm friends with gabi hernandez. how is she doing? no change at all? okay, thank you. [cell phone beeps] [sighs] brady, you're never gonna guess what deimos has done now. >> brady: yes, i will. i just can't be drawn into it today, sonny. >> sonny: oh, of course not. of course not. what was i thinking? nicole, right? screw our family. nicole's your freaking priority! >> brady: take it easy, okay? i'm her friend, and i'm not gonna let her down. >> sonny: you're in love with her, aren't you? >> brady: oh, my god. >> sonny: again. >> brady: why in the hell does everybody assume that? >> sonny: 'cause it's pretty damned obvious, brady. so good luck with that. [soft dramatic music] ♪ >> hillary: hey. ic


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